Communities and Contributors

Have you ever found out about something too late? Be it an event in your local area, a promotion in your favourite restaurant or a must see highlight of that obscurely named island you visited last year. You could mark it down in your diary for next year and hope that the opportunity comes back around, or you could join an online community dedicated to providing this essential information and never be in the dark again.

Offline communities represent a group of people in a local situation that share common likes, interests and work collectively to solve problems. Discussions flow, ideas spark and each participant brings a unique contribution to fuel the community fire. Sounds inviting doesn’t it?

There’s just one problem with offline communities, and that is your participation being dictated by your location. If you are moving to a new area or researching a destination to visit you should be welcomed with open arms to chat with the locals and pose your questions before you’ve even arrived. Find out about upcoming community events, meet people with similar interests, ask quickest routes, alternative costs and so on.

All of this and more is possible at TripTide. We welcome all of our new members with open arms and encourage questions to get the conversations flowing. Whether you’re planning on moving to a new place or you just want to talk to your current neighbours about recent events or the new coffee flavour in your local café, TripTide is your online community to do so.

If you’ve had an amazing time in the country of question and are bursting to tell others that they should go and experience the same. Share your memories through online travel blogs with a photo or two, pin the location, upload videos or instigate a discussion in one of our forums to get people talking about the place you know and love. You’ll be able to talk at length about your favourite things whilst inspiring others to explore your world.

The one constant comparison between an online and offline community?

It’s you; the members that make it such an inviting and informative hub for new people to join and participate. To be a TripTide contributor is to know that you are adding your personal stamp on the richest possible local travel guide and encouraging others to do the same.

Interested to know more about being a TripTide contributor?

Email us at Submissions are open for Australia and Southern Africa with more destinations coming soon!