Out With The Old, In With The New

At the end of 2013 TripTide concluded agreements with the ICTP (International Coalition of Tourism Partners) and Green Earth which have quickly borne fruit in terms of the number of international enquiries for new hubs to be initiated. As a result, new TripTide sites will be rolled out in Canada (TripTide.ca) and Spain (TripTide.es) and will be initiated through joint ventures in both countries. TripTide South Africa has now been successfully launched with a partner in Johannesburg, from where new suppliers and community members are now being recruited. Each new joint venture or partnership is supplied with a locally branded, fully serviced, version of a complete TripTide hub, which is then populated with new products and members and marketed to a global audience.

I am delighted with the response that we are getting from new partners in new destinations. Our approach of providing a ‘cookie cutter’ version of our existing system to new hubs, then locally branding it, is gathering momentum and proving our business model. We feel that by providing a full service offering of technology and marketing we can enable a unique solution to local tourism providers in a global market place. This is proving to be the case and we are very exited about prospects for the rest of the year.

We are still looking for a new partner in Australia for our now mature and revenue earning hub www.triptide.com.au – so if you are an entrepreneurial Aussie in the travel business – please don’t be shy – just don’t mention the cricket.

…and before I forget Happy New Year!