TripTide Company History

TripTide Australia is an online travel community that invites you to discover the local life down under. But how did we get to where we are today? How has TripTide evolved and what’s next?

What is TripTide?
TripTide was created after Peter Richards (TT MD and founder) visited his daughter on a gap year in Australia and found himself constructing an itinerary based purely on local recommendations. Wanting everyone to be entitled to the same incredible experience of Australia that he had, he decided to create the TripTide online community bridging the gap between local knowledge and international interest. Never again would you return home and wish you had known about a place, event or restaurant sooner because TripTide members will gladly help you out even before you arrive!

The TripTide community consists of local people with a passion for Australia, knowledge gurus who operate tours in Oz eager to share their expertise, holiday makers, travellers, backpackers and anyone wishing to join the best online conversation about life down under.


How did TT get going?
With a new found love for Australia and a desperate need to share with the world why, Peter set up an office in Guildford, Surrey UK and started building a team to get TripTide running and off the ground. The Surrey office remains our base and a buzzing hub of constant activity that we call TTHQ.

Then what happened?
The furniture arrived along with the idea generation! We started literally drawing ideas on the wall and spent several days huddled around ‘the round table’ brainstorming and putting our heads together. Through constant development, testing, design and review you now see the current version of TripTide.


Anyone else involved?
Reeling from our recent launch party in Sydney we are really excited to have the support of several Australian regional and state tourism authorities who are currently working on TripTide guides with us. Providing our community and site visitors with a detailed encyclopaedia of Australia’s regions that we think deserve a mention. Covering international time zones, the team at TTHQ are busy at all hours to ensure the clearest line of communication between members and partners in Australia and the UK. In house the team is also expanding and TTHQ recently recruited a graduate Digital Marketing Assistant, read more about his experiences at TripTide soon.

What’s being worked on right now?
Right now we are conscious of giving our members the best possible experience of TripTide so we have an exciting new design project underway. Looking at the current model, navigation and overall look of TripTide, we will soon be revealing a shiny new TT service with multiple revised features and a whole host of Aussie experiences to choose from.

And the future of TripTide?
Australia is only the beginning, watch this space!