Create Your Own Travel Portal

TripTide has built a unique, all-in-one online software solution that enables you to easily run your own social network-based travel website with a wide range of features and functionality instantly at your fingertips. The platform is designed on a two-tier model that integrates traditional commission-based tour and accommodation supplier promotion interlinked with a travel orientated social network, utilising the best of modern web trends to create an online travel platform fit for the 21st century. The software comes in a fully hosted and managed white-label format that can be branded to fit your company’s identity and ethos, allowing you to jump straight in to building your own next-generation travel website without the hassle and cost needed to develop a complex web solution.


Tour & Accommodation Pages

Product pages allow suppliers to easily list their tours or accommodation which can then be promoted internally to the community and also to the wider web. A wide range of features are included, such as geolocation mapping, photo albums and video galleries.  All product pages have a referral enquiry system enabled by default which allows users to directly contact suppliers with booking requests and availability queries. These are all logged internally so bookings can be declared and commission applied if necessary. Product pages are also able to be integrated with a variety of existing online booking engines.


The feed is the central hub of the platform, showing statuses, updates and actions taken by the members of the site. This helps create a continual community conversation, allowing other users to easily discover, like, comment and share new content, as it is created. As with many social networks, all users have individual profiles and can add specific members as friends, created sub-networks of travellers inside the main community.

Blogs & Articles

A complete, integrated blogging and article writing platform also helps to take the tradition of travel writing and utilise it in an era when content marketing is key to online promotion. Members no longer need to be limited by the solitude of writing a standalone blog, or the restrictions of social media status updates. Now they can share their travelling experiences in great detail, directly to a community of travellers with a direct interest, while the site receives all the benefits of a continual flow of high quality, unique, interesting content.

Videos & Albums

Users are also able to post their photos and videos from their travels, giving the website a wide range of new visual content and a very personal nature of the community. These intuitive features encourage members to diversify the way they share their experiences, as well as extending the unique web content of the site.

Forums & Groups

The platform has both forum and group functionality which allows discussions to take place between either general or specialist groups of people. These features allow members to explore their niche interests, while creating the perfect in-road for new users to get personal opinions on all their travelling questions.


E-commerce functionality is also provided with the platform, allowing you to sell products directly, or enable individual suppliers to do so. This acts as the perfect way to generate an additional revenue stream with products that are directly relevant to your travel community.



The software comes fully set up and can easily be customised to match the look and feel that your brand requires. This enables you to quickly build your unique travel website and make it the social network that you want it to be.


Hosting is fully provided and managed, requiring no effort or technical skills on your part. This means you can get on with creating your brand new travel community website without the worries of server management.


We also offer a highly qualified support team to deal with the problems or issues that you may have, as well as giving you the possibility to customise and extend the platform to suit your needs.

Documentation & Advice

We provide full documentation on not only how to use and manage the platform, but also highly detailed advice on how to build your community and make the most of your social network.

Registering Interest

If you are interested in how your existing business can benefit to moving onto TripTide’s revolutionary platform, or how you could start a brand new website at the forefront of travel technology, then please send an email to