New Interactive Guide to the Townsville North Queensland Region

International travel website, TripTide, have created a multi-media travel guide for the Townsville North Queensland region. The guide has been designed to bring travellers and the local community together onto a single platform which visitors can access, purchase and share information, experiences and advice about the region.

TripTide Australia ( uses a revolutionary combination of insider knowledge and social media to create a resource for anyone wishing to research Australian holiday destinations, receive local recommendations and trip advice in real time.

TripTide was born from the premise that the immense,  largely untapped resource of insider knowledge held by the local community, combined with the experiences and the powerful word-of- mouth from repeat visitors, gives new travellers the very best information on which to draw when both planning and enjoying a holiday.

Developed by technology expert and travel enthusiast Peter Richards, TripTide came from an idea he had while on a personal trip to visit his daughter in Australia. He found that chance encounters with locals, their subsequent advice and tips on where and when to go greatly enhanced his holiday experience. This sparked the inspiration behind connecting the local community with the traveller online with advanced social media resources.

“We are extremely pleased to be working to promote Townsville using local knowledge and shared experiences.   Townsville offers visitors an extraordinary diversity of landscapes, people and experiences which are its greatest tourism assets. Our Townsville North Queensland travel guide not only provides a one-stop-shop for visitors, but also connects them with the very best source of information – locals – and in doing so is guaranteed to reveal the hidden gems that make a trip to Townsville so memorable,” said Richards.

Fuelled by a passionate in country team, TripTide promotes only authentic experiences and provides a voice to the local community to share destination advice with an international audience.

Visitors to the new online Townsville North Queensland guide can expect to find a wealth of information on amazing things to see and do in the area.  Accessible in the form of blogs, videos, photo albums and general tips all provided by the local Townsville community and social holiday makers reviewing their fantastic experiences.  New visitors can engage with TripTide members, ask questions and share their own thoughts and opinions through quick and easy community sign up.

The sharing of experiences is TripTide’s main focus and this is ever more present in the ease of sharing across multiple external social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Further to the research and trip planning advantages, TripTide members can also browse and book local tours and accommodation and speak directly with tour operators for further insider information.

Members with travel product to promote will benefit from free Trade membership and the option to own and manage a personal e-store or run deals and auctions all within the TripTide community.

Peter Richards met with Townsville Enterprise at the Australian Tourism Exchange in 2013. Townsville Enterprise has been assisting TripTide in building the online guide, through the provision of copy, imagery and local knowledge.




For trade membership enquiries and further information please contact:

Olly Wheatcroft
Partner Manager, TripTide Australia
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