TripTide Joins International Coalition of Tourism Partners

“The International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) is very pleased to welcome TripTide, a young and dynamic company working at the destination level to build, together with locals and visitors, digital communities that actively promote and preserve regional treasures.” quoted an ICTP spokesman

The TripTide service is designed to bring travelers and the local travel service together within a single portal/platform; a community. Site visitors will access, purchase and share information, experiences, advice about the destination and its tourism products. The TripTide concept is based on the premise that real time insider knowledge held by the local community and tourism suppliers, combined with the experiences and the powerful word-of-mouth from repeat visitors will simply enable future travelers to maximise their travel opportunity.

TripTides founder Peter Richards said :”We are delighted with the support that we are getting from the ICTP which is already opening new opportunities for us. We are currently prioritising the launch of our service into new regions the success of which is largely dependent on local partnerships and our relationship with ICTP is helping us in this search”

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