The first TripTide hub was officially launched at the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) in April 2013. Subsequent hubs will be launched in a number of emerging travel destinations. The company is now looking for partners in numerous international destinations where each region or country hub will be branded separately and will have its own unique identity.

TripTide will provide the partner with a virtual sales and marketing exchange, for each targeted country, where the community meets to exchange information, products and services – namely components of the local tourism industry. Whilst TripTide is a new concept it is firmly based on established technology platforms, mature business models and best sales and marketing practices ensuring that wherever possible there is reduced risk for both shareholder and stakeholder alike. In return for providing a complete suite of technology, billing, hosting and marketing support and services ; the partner will be required to bring their local suppliers to the ‘hub’ to advertise and sell their products.

TripTide presents a unique opportunity for a dedicated organisation (however small) to have access to a robust and scalable technology platform, mature business models and expert sales and marketing resource to make considerable financial gain in return for a modest investment. The partner should expect a very rapid return on investment. Ideally each partner should work to get an endorsement from local trusted and respected authorities e.g. Tourism Australia, Discover Ireland, Tourism Malaysia. itself will have the sponsorship of UKTI to aid export drive.

If you are well connected with the following we would love to hear from you
● The international travelling community
● Tourism trade partners
● Business chambers and similar organisations
● National, state and regional tourism bodies
● The travel media
● Travel bloggers, writers and multi media content providers