What is TripTide?

TripTide is an innovative online service for the travel industry – bringing travellers and tourism suppliers together in a different way. It is a fusion of some of the most successful community, travel and social media practices which have been pioneered over the last 10 years. Many proven social media components have been adopted by TripTide to create a unique offering to would-be customers and travel service providers.

The TripTide service is designed to bring travellers and the local travel service together within a single portal/platform; a community. Site visitors will access, purchase and share information, experiences, advice about the destination and its tourism products. The TripTide concept is based on the premise that real time insider knowledge held by the local community and tourism suppliers, combined with the experiences and the powerful word-of-mouth from repeat visitors will simply enable future travellers to maximise their travel opportunity.


TripTide Australia has been earning revenues i.e. booking engine and referrals since the launch in May 2013. A typical user experience will be a visitor who might be contemplating a trip to Australia is now able to join the online Australian TripTide community where they are gaining useful knowledge and insights about Australia from travel veterans, journalists, social commentators, tourist boards and other community members. They can select and purchase all the components for their chosen itinerary e.g. transport, accommodation and activities through the same hub, from local suppliers and travel agents. This process is providing TripTide with a commission on every sale made.


TripTide Australia is a part of number of distinct components that make up the solution. In addition to providing hosting, billing, search engine optimisation and device management (mobile, iPad etc) TripTide Australia is supported by a number of other components. User generated content is provided through articles, blogs, journals, recommendations and groups whilst static content comes directly through integration with a third party database ATDW serving thousands of independent supplier products and content items. Products (accommodation and tours) can booked through third party booking engines whilst commissions are also earned through the referral system . The Shop is available to all trade members offering three ways of selling their products – an online store, daily deals for group discounts and an auction system for specialist items.