The next decade and beyond will see a qualitative shift in the travel experience. The future of travel will be shaped by technological innovations which create easy connections between buyer and supplier. In tune with these changes TripTide has been designed to allow the traveller to harness the experiences of friends, family and fellow travellers more intelligently where information is freely exchanged and the idea of one-way transactions provided by aggregators like Expedia and Booking.com become obsolete.

TripTide has delivered a technology platform for such eco-systems to proliferate. The company provides an innovative solution to meet these evolving requirements by allowing travellers, local communities and tourism suppliers to experience and exchange information in a different way.  At every step of the journey TripTide enhances a greater 
and smoother interaction with other travellers and suppliers. The company’s technologies underpin and enable this greater fluidity and interaction to become a reality.

We have taken the concept of ‘community travel’ and given it a sound business model. Our suppliers can now sell their products through new and diverse channels – and we only get paid our commission when a holiday is sold. Our business model is one of our key differentiators making it easier for these suppliers to get new customers whilst at the same time providing travellers with a valuable resource of research and shared experiences

Travel is increasingly more collaborative both in terms of how people travel, and how the travel industry interacts with travellers. The world of collaboration is about travellers (buyers) becoming partners rather than customers in which the context becomes as important as the transaction. TripTide’s platform engenders a cooperative and sharing environment for its visitors and members: a community.

TripTide allows its trade members (suppliers) to move from a model of service provision and selling to being an aggregator of information and a facilitator of relationships.  The traveller will find their journey enriched by the shared experiences of many others, whether checking on the easiest way to reach the city centre from the airport, or finding the unexpected side to a familiar destination.

Typically an experience of a place will increasingly be seen through the lens of other people who are simultaneously there with the traveller or have been there previously. TripTide provides depth rather than breadth of experience, as travellers realise that all places are layered according to their history and culture. Peer groups, the internet and local experts form an information eco-system which is more collaborative than the one-to-one transactional relationships that have predominated in the travel business. TripTide’s technology makes it easier for people to tag and review all aspects of travel experience as travellers are increasingly influenced by peer groups.