We are at the start of pursuing our mission to enable travellers to be more connected with their destinations. There is a significant opportunity to enhance the value that we bring to travellers and suppliers to the tourism market in countries around the world.

The Key Elements of That Strategy Are:
• To build and expand a global community of travellers and suppliers across a number of geographies. The company intends to grow its international coverage through franchises by focussed marketing making TripTide available across a variety of devices e.g. pcs, tablets and mobile phones providing a multiplicity of useful and easily accessible information.

• To increase the engagement between travellers and their destinations engendering a fertile environment for travellers to explore, experience and engage with their chosen destination before and during their trip.

• Provide compelling and relevant destination multi-media content throughout the life cycle of the visit.

TripTide is an holistic solution that enables each international partnerships to focus on earning revenues through delivering visitors to their destination. The company has created a blueprint which defines a comprehensive solution comprising technology, people and process to target, educate and encourage an international community of tourists.

The TripTide hub enables suppliers to market and sell their products and services to this community. The company utilises ‘best of breed’ practices and technologies that have delivered the social media phenomenon supporting the success of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others and created a solution to address the challenge of the international tourism industry and its multiplicity of suppliers.

The First Stage
The first stage is to appoint a local partnership who will be selected for experience, commitment and focus and to create a ‘vanilla’ hub for that location i.e.


The hub is then branded, hosted, customised and translated in the UK by the TripTide team on behalf of the partner. A localised hub is then delivered to the partner e.g. in Australia. The focus of the partnership is to ensure that their local suppliers use the hub as the focal point for advertising and selling whilst the TripTide marketing team focus on building a community of travellers and potential travellers to purchase these products and services. The partnership effectively creates a virtual sales and marketing organisation providing local suppliers with a global market place.

Delineation of Roles
stacks_image_31There is a clear delineation of roles within the partnership with the partner being solely responsible for creating a local awareness within their location and the TripTide team being responsible for everything else. The partner will be ‘goaled’ on revenue generation like any other sales organisation.