TripTide Platform

Each TripTide hub supports a customised website designed to support the marketing of ‘International Travel Experiences’ to a varied audience of prospective visitors. The high level capabilities of the platform are:

  • A publishing platform through which quality editorial content can be distributed to a substantial user base
  • A community platform through which experiences can be promoted and shared between visitors
  • Support for marketing the unique experiences available in the partnered countries to a targeted audience of potential visitors alongside editorial content
  • Fulfilling demands for products and services through a range of fulfillment and ecommerce services
  • Ease to use, leveraging good usability features from comparable  services.

The platform can be considered a ‘super service’ which brings together a great many capabilities e.g. information, blogging, auctions, advertising. It blends the best usability from any comparable service to produce a first class, highly usable service. This has not meant blindly copying the functionality of other systems but building a platform to replicate the best online functionality from a variety of sources but expressly for the international travel market.

There can be a tendency in some services to bombard users with advertising on the basis that some ‘must stick’. The TripTide platform is more intelligent about the way advertising is delivered, to maximise click through rates/ conversion rates. In addition web services often bombard the user with overly busy home pages. Often this is due to efforts to win the attention of search engines with little regard for the actual end user. TripTide offers a clean, usable and fresh user experience that ensures SEO is delivered by allowing deep linking into the service enabling partner sites to discover and link to the hub without compromising the user experience.

The platform has been designed for:

  • Reliability from good software engineering practice, use of reliable third party components and deployment on reliable service platforms.
  • High Performance to provide good response time to the end user and large volumes of users without adversely slowing down or crashing.
  • High levels of security
  • Multiple Browser and device support
  • Collaboration with other systems
  • Search engines
  • Social media channel integration
  • Interoperability with other sites: YouTube, Flickr